Joan Torres Hits a High Note with New Jazz Release, ‘Of The Musical’


Joan Torres and his band All Is Fused have released a new album, Of The Musical and it’s an experimental collection that is a welcome work to the jazz world. Of The Musical is an overwhelmingly emotional and joyful listen.

Torres and his San Francisco-based crew bring a Latin flavor to some classic jazz sounds and it’s a blend that would bring any afficionado to his or her knees.  The music is crisp and uncomplicated but the resulting emotions are not. Torres has created an avant-garde, unique sax-inflected sound that’s humbling, with a bassline that carries the music and guitar and drums executing the message.

Of The Musical expresses a timeline. With sounds that are innovative and inventive musical movements, rather than mere “songs,” Of The Musical is a rare collection of emotive and transformative jazz.

The movements progress from one emotion to the next, as the listener visits with “Invaded,” “Demiurge,” “Explore” and “Ultramarine” before coming to terms with the upbeat “Constant Stream,” “Stream of Melancholy,” “Look Around,” and finally “Unleashed.”

Of The Musical by Joan Torres

West Coast Rocker Of The Musical is the latest from jazz phenom Joan Torres
Of The Musical is the latest from jazz phenom Joan Torres

Each section of the album has its own distinct flavor, they can be heard individually and interpreted for their own sound, or, when heard together create a long-savored suspended moment in time.  Basically, Of The Musical is a pleasure to listen to.

Last June, All Is Fused spent their time preparing for the recording of this album.

They debuted the music on the new album on June 24 in San Francisco. They recorded this new album at the historic and influential Different Fur Studios in San Francisco. Grammy winner Dave Darlington mixed and mastered the album.

Torres is no newcomer to this genre. He is a winner of the 14th annual Independent Music Awards. He has worked with a range of different musicians including Eduardo Corzo, Sandor Moss, Julius Melendez and Calvin Keys. Check out his website here.

A Cool Band of Musicians

The award-winning All Is Fused band is comprised of Jonathan Suazo on Alto Sax, Sergio González on Guitar, Gabriel Vicéns on Guitar, Emanuel Rivera on Piano, Fernando García on Drums and Torres on Bass.

In addition to writing the songs, Joan Torres produced the album. It was recorded at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco. Sean Paulson is studio engineer, David Darlington mixed and mastered.

Torres is a remarkable talent.  As the creator of the music, he leaves you with the feeling he’s leading you on a journey to self-realization.  This is a great album to appreciate the old-fashioned way, by taking the time to sit and listen.

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