Color You Paints a Great Picture with New EP, ‘Grand Trine’


Color You wants to make the world better by painting a great picture for us all.

Color You has a new EP, Grand Trine, and this is an excellent work by a band that not only presents a great retro ’90s sound but also spins that sound into the future.  And for Color You, the future definitely has bright tones.

The Los Angeles based band consists of Ben Ross (vocals/guitar), Brian Han (bass/vocals), Drew Stutz (drums) and Theo Eckhardt (guitar/vocals). They’re alternative with a pop feel. Purists may say they sound a little commercial, but today with the music business as challenging as it it, commercial can be good.

Color You is a band that’s been quietly gaining a following around Southern California and has been impressing the fans with lively sounds and cool tunes.  Before long this band will break big.

Grand Trine is a collection of some upbeat songs that make the perfect background while driving in your car along Coast Highway or while sitting in a coffee shop in at the beach.  In any event, Grand Trine by Color You is definitely worth checking out.

The guys say they “make music about space, objects and the in-between.”

OK, not sure what that means, but it works, regardless.

It’s no surprise these guys are connecting to their audience. Color You has a mission to turn their love of music into their occupation.  They want people to get on the same track and not define themselves by a job title.


“We start to think about what we’re supposed to do with our lives and how we’re supposed to live … but the truth is we’re already doing it,” said Theo. “The purpose is to live. We get so hung up on the labels that society tells us to be… but we’re so much more than labels that we give ourselves because we can do anything we’re passionate about what we’re passionate about can become our purpose.”

Track listing: 1. The Grand Trine 2. In Tune  3. Empty 4. Shine Through 5.  Same Old Story 6. Savior  7. Again Again

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