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Fallen Asunder Releases Strong Debut Album


It goes to show you what two childhood pals can accomplish when they want to. Fallen Asunder, which released its first and self-titled album is ready to rock the metal world.

Who would have thought sound like this could come out of Lancaster, Penn., known for horse-and-buggy riding Amish folks and Shoo Fly Pie.

But there is nothing old-fashioned about Fallen Asunder, a progressive metal band with a bright future.

The duo comprised of longtime buddies of Josh Weaver and Ryan Batturs, project a tight sound, with a big frontman whose voice comes through loud and clear.

As for the tracks, the songs are interesting. “Meant For So Much More,” is a rock anthem worthy of any top metal radio station play.

The guitar work is clearly the star of the show here and credit goes to both Weaver, lead guitarist and guitarist and producer Batturs. Batturs’ voice is pure Rock N Roll. The album was mastered by Mercury Mastering, which has a great track record of pumping up the sound.

The drumming fluctuates between defiant and brilliant.

While it’s almost borderline hardcore, the cover on the new EP shows the guys like great art; the angel on the front has presumably “fallen asunder,” which of course, means “falling apart” or “breaking into pieces.”

There is no loss of direction with this band.  The EP offers a range of diverse sound.

“Silent Lies” is a beautiful story with great vocals, “Free Will” is a driving ballad that pushes and scorches with strength. The album gives the feeling that the rockers have a sensitive side, going by the beautiful ballads, but the genre dictates staying within the confines, as evidenced by “Upon Your Stars,” and “In Your Depths.”  “Lost In The Rain” is an upbeat tune — a love song? — That moves at a rapid clip.

We expect big things from Fallen Asunder.  A great debut EP from a talented duo and there’s no doubt Fallen Asunder — together — will rise up.

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