Christina Rubino by John Daly

Christina Rubino Takes an Alt-Americana Turn With ‘Godspeed and Guns’

New Single Precedes January Album Release

christina-rubino-feature-mooreBy JOHN DALY

Singer-songwriter Rubino’s tune “Godspeed and Guns” is a song that presents her extraordinary voice quite well. Rubino has the pipes and clearly brings life to any song. We look forward to hearing the rest of the album that debuts in January.

The ‘Thelma & Louise’-type video that accompanies the song it leaves us wondering what the artists are trying to say.  While Rubino says it’s ‘a classic story of our shadow selves,’ we’re not sure what that means.

Growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y., Rubino has experienced a lot of world in a relatively small microcosm, although Brooklyn is becoming more yuppified each day. Her experiences have colored her music, with her Alt-Americana style breaking through in a powerful way.

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Rubino’s got a good group around her. Johnny Phillips plays Spanish guitars; Jerry Farley is percussionist and bassist and Eli Maurer mans the Mexican-style trumpets. Farley also produces.

christina-rubino3Rubino’s mother is Irish-Catholic and her father is Italian-American. She has seven brothers and sisters.

She realized her passion for music during her teen years and she started writing songs at the age of 17. She got into a few bands as vocalist and rhythm guitarist.

In 2008, Rubino became the lead guitarist for the all-female group Violator, a New York City-based Depeche Mode cover band. Throughout her time with the band, she loved the excitement of travel and live performance, but always longed to return to making original music.

Violator changed names to Josephine and Rubino, on lead vocals and guitars, wrote and collaborated with drummer Tracy Thompkins (Aerial Love Feed, Violator) and bassist Leigh Regan (Violator).

After releasing an EP with Josephine in 2009 under Feed that Baby Records, Rubino went on to write and record her debut solo record, Alive From The Scrap Heap in 2014. Guitar Girl Magazine named Rubino among the top 10 artists to watch in 2015

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