Sluka Taking his Big Music to Blu-ray to Coincide with European Tour

Sluka is releasing his songs on video - Photo courtesy Christopher Sluka
Sluka is releasing his songs on video – Photo courtesy Christopher Sluka


Combining superbly alternative sounds with the artistry of modern day musicians, Sluka’s most recent album Introversions will come alive on the screen.

Seattle-born Christopher Sluka —  known as Sluka to fans — is taking on a big task, producing videos to go with each of the songs on his album, Introversions, and then releasing it on Blu-Ray.  The release of the Blu-Ray video collection will coincide with his European tour in November.

The new work takes the portrayal of each of the gothic-style songs, like “Sadder Than Sad” and “Valentine Lies,” “Doctor Strangelove,” and “Gothic Cavalier” and puts them in the modern era.

Sluka by West Coast Rocker
Sluka will bring his performances to Blu-ray – Photo courtesy Christopher Sluka

It’s a smart idea because Christopher Sluka has fans all over the world.  But no matter how he may use video to convey his artistry, Sluka’s big, beautiful voice takes center stage. The voice is framed among melodies that are reminicent of alternative artists here and gone.

Check out the album here at Sluka’s Bandcamp Page 

Introversions is a piece that anyone who loves the art of music creativity appreciates. Add to it the videos and it lends a more three-dimensional aspect to Sluka’s cool communications.

San Diego-based Sluka has recorded 10 studio albums and has a global fan base.

For the Introversions Blu-ray, four videos are already completed and they are impressive.

“Valentine Lies” is a tribute to the work of David Bowie and envelopes aspects of modern day alternative with legacy new wave.  Check out the video for “Valentine Lies” here

“Doctor Strangelove”

“Sadder Than Sad”

And our favorite, “Gothic Cavalier”

You can hear Introversions on Sluka’s Bandcamp Page


1. Valentine Lies

2. A San Diego Zoo

3. Sunday’s Child

4. Paralyzed

5. Doctor Strangelove

6. Even The Knights Love Caesar

7. Beautiful

8. Higher

9. Severed

10. Fear of Ordinary Life

11. Sadder Than Sad

12. Hung

13. Gothic Cavalier

Sluka has always focused on the creative songwriting process and has worked to build a reputation as a great live performer.

In addition to his music, Sluka is also a globally renowned visual artist and his surrealist oil paintings have graced wall space in galleries from New York to San Diego, and Tokyo to Milan. He is also a distance runner and a jet pilot in his spare time.

After touring Europe this winter, Sluka will release his 11th studio album, ahead of a projected festival tour in Summer 2017.

For more information check out Sluka’s website.

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