‘Let It Drip,’ The New Single from He Is Me – A Journey into Industrial Alternative

New single released by He Is Me - Photo courtesy He Is Me
New single released by He Is Me – Photo courtesy He Is Me

By JOHN DALY – He Is Me debuts its single “Let It Drip,” but don’t let the name fool you, it’s a nicely paced, cool electronic tune.

“Let It Drip” is the first single for the industrial-alternative duo of Steve Moore and Casey Braunger, otherwise known as Portland-based He Is Me.  Industrial is the closest term attributable this electronic duo, who basically invent a new genre with their new song.

The track embraces surrealism and showcases a free flowing approach, and is very much in the spirit of a mantra. The repetition of the line “Out from the ruins … arise,” lends a chant-like quality. If it’s an indication of what’s to come on the upcoming new, full-length album, then the public is in for a treat.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 1.25.56 AMWhen you hear the single it’s hard not to picture people with hammers in their hands taking whacks at some kind of metal.

While it may seem like a disjointed creation, a lot of work has gone into producing a theme that carries through the entire song. That’s likely because Moore and Braunger are not new to this game. They’re experienced musicians.

Moore, through his various projects, has gained a following of some 25,000 fans on Facebook. He’s had critically acclaimed  albums with award-winning metal project The Unravelling, with which he was vocalist from 2009 to 2015, downtempo electronic project Post Death Soundtrack, with which he sings and plays guitar since 2008, and hardcore metal group Inner Surge.

Braunger has been releasing music through his solo imprint Textile Arcade.

“Let It Drip” is a cool debut from two guys who have been around the block but who are new together.  Looking for plenty more interesting songs yet to come.

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