Furious Seasons Drop Album ‘Look West’ on Oct. 7

Success No ‘Longshot’ For Trio

By DOTTIE PARIS – The folk pop trio The Furious Seasons debuts its fifth album, Look West, is a reflective work that takes us out of the frenetic work a day world and into places we all long to go.

The album, which drops next month, developed as the group played popular 3-piece shows throughout Southern California. The Furious Seasons has supported John Hiatt, David Lindley and A.J. Croce.

The night after The Furious Seasons release Look West, the band plays with Donovan on Oct. 8 at the Saban in Beverly Hills.

“Longshot” is the lead single and the trio has put together a sound worthy of any collection.

With Look West, The Furious Seasons presents a compelling collection of songs that reflect the common person’s view of love, loss and joy. The music of The Furious Seasons is a respite from a world that is bent on beating the clock and today’s impossible hustle to work.

Look West is an impressive engineering work. The recording itself is clean. Some of the tracks were recorded live by Scott Campbell in a studio in Hollywood that was set up for Shelby Lynne to record. Others were recorded with Tim Boland at White Light Studios in North Hollywood.

Warm and Personal

The album Look West, which is expected to drop Oct. 7, is warm and personal and is highlighted by two-part harmonies and Paul Nelson’s guitar work. David Steinhart plays acoustic guitar and Jeff Steinhart plays stand-up bass.

Look West is a true departure from last year’s lush and orchestrated “My Love is Strong.” With Look West, Steinhart shows his knack for writing catchy tunes with common storylines.

Favorites include “Summer Flame,” which tells about the passage of time while looking back on missed opportunities.  “You were a summer flame, so blue and warm and deep, wishes and whims I had that have drifted off to sleep, were light and alive while you were mine to keep,  when the sun was still on my face.”

“Sadly Matched” is about a fellow who loves Los Angeles so much he allows his dream girl move away without him.

The album is slated for an Oct 7th release.

The Furious Seasons has performed with some respected musicians, and will play with Donovan for his Sunshine Superman Tour at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills on Oct. 8

Check out The Furious Seasons playing “Longshot” – Video Courtesy of The Furious Seasons

Learn more about the band by visiting www.thefuriousseasons.com

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