Zaritza Made Her Dreams Come True, Now She Sings About Them


Electro-pop princess Zaritza made her dreams come true.  Now she shares those dreams with others through her music.

She embodies the elegance of a queen — or more precisely — the wife of a Tzar, or a Tzarita. Her new, self-titled album, Zaritza, brings her dreams to life. Her songs are both regal and compelling, it’s clear she has been influenced by top pop performers as well as Trans-Siberian Orchestra, with whom she shared a stage.

She emigrated to the U.S. to follow her dreams of creative freedom and build her music career. Zaritza has performed at clubs and venues around the Northeast, big and small. The list is long, but she has graced the spotlight at the Rainbow Room, the Metropolitan Room, and released her record at Drom in New York City.

She has also played the Saint in Asbury Park, NJ; the Newport International Film Festival and opened for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on one of their U.S. tour dates.

She’s even been asked to share her experiences at a TEDx conference. Watch her TED TALK here.

“Tsaritza’ is the wife of the Tsar and mother of princess Anastasia, and since ‘tsaritza’ is the Russian word for ‘queen,’ the name pays tribute to my all-time favorite band, Queen.

“‘Zarya’ is the Russian word for sunrise, intense and bright, which always sounded beautiful and resonated with me,” she said. “So I decided to combine these references to create a name that is appropriate to my personality, music, energy, inspiration and cultural heritage.”

Producer: Zaritza, Ryan Omark, Pete Andrews and Steve Rizzo

Track List:

1. That Girl

2. Heart-Shaped Box

3. Diseased

4. Flashing Lights

5. Somewhere In Between

6. Walk Away

7. Rocket Girl

8. Burn Into Me

9. Talk Show Host

10. Last Night

11. Crossroads


Zaritza: vocals, keyboards, piano; Pete Andrews: guitar, drums, percussion; Ryan Omark: guitar; Steve Rizzo: guitar, drums; Chris Macock: guitar; James Keene: violin; Samantha Tomblin: violin; Timothy Leonard: cello

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