Zeistencroix Band Innovates New Electro-Metal Genre with ‘Gemini’ EP


Orlando Draven the Venezuelan-­American  musician has had many challenges to overcome in his life en route to recording his electro-metal music.

He grew up in strife-torn Venezuela but rose to become the frontman for the band Zeistencroix and was fortunate enough to work with British producer Tim Palmer to record the EP Gemini.

Palmer saw the potential in Draven. The two created a sound that is unique in industrial music, blending electro prog rock with metal. Palmer has  worked  with U2,  Robert  Plant, Ozzy  Osbourne, Pearl  Jam,  David  Bowie’s  Tin  Machine; and  American  producer  Bill  Metoyer (Slayer,  WASP,  Six  Feet  Under). It’s easy to hear the influences here with Zeistencroix.

The Duality of ‘Gemini’

“Gemini, as its name states, is a dual state, a combination of two sides of the same coin; life and death, black and white, good an evil,” said Draven. “On this album I’m showcasing two very opposite styles from the same band. It’s a combination of two entities living under the same organism and somehow coexisting without one surpassing the other but complementing the other.”

The videos for the band are compelling to watch, there’s a lot of hair, a lot of bass and a lot of great drumming.

Track List:

1 ¨I Need You Tonight¨

2 ¨Valley Of Death¨

3 ¨Saturated¨

4 ¨Dantes¨

5 ¨Rage¨


Orlando Draven: Vocals-Guitars-Programming, Santi Rivillas: Drums

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