Staring Into Nothing Drops ‘Big Brother,’ a Song That Lays It All Out There


Prog rock trio Staring Into Nothing is releasing their newest album, Power soon and in the meantime the band gave us a peek at the single “Big Brother.”


Corruption, Abuse and Oppression

Power brings to mind the sounds of Rush, only in a is a dark, serious tone. The band tackles topics like corruption, abuse, and oppression. This is an interesting approach that punkers are familiar with, only Power goes off in another direction.

The band is comprised of Steve Rogers, Savannah Rogers and Kurt Barabas and they combine for a very big sound. Bigger than three people.

Staring Into Nothing recorded Power in 2017 with the help of producer/mixer Mark Needham, as well as musicians Matt Chamberlain on drums, David Levita on guitars, and Pop Levi and Andrea Meli on backing vocals.

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