Westward’s Album ‘The Empire of Deception’ Reminiscent of Best Prog Rock


Westward has released the album, The Empire of Deception which features the single “The Last Stand,” and some other prog rock beauties.

Westward’s big, synthesizer-driven sound blends rock with ultra modern tones. The guys, Andrew Marshall on guitar and vocals, Karl Grimm on bass and back up vocals and Matt Morrison on drums, say their style is “Cowboy Space Rock.”

But there is nothing spacey about these guys. They mix serious tones and melodies with lyrical ponderings grounded in today’s issues. The Empire of Deception gives us insights into a world that has finally arrived, futuristic in tone and anchored in tradition. It’s an interesting combination that hits the right notes.

It’s almost like Yes meets Emerson Lake and Palmer with a modern twist. We’re particularly fond of the offbeat song, “Time,” the fun and fast-moving “Risk Factor,” and the beautiful “Fall From the Sky,” which takes an acoustic turn.

Westward – Photo courtesy of the band

There’s the obligatory fuzz effects — after all, it’s the latest retro trend, to go fuzzy that is — and the vocals that anchor “The Last Stand,” are strong. The single is dramatic and it catches the listener’s attention.

Westward has played the legendary Indie Lounge at Sundance as well as a range of other opportunities.



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