Justin Allen and the Well Shots

Review: Justin Allen and the Well Shots – New Album Shines Light on Country Genre

Sexy Songwriter Found a Home While Looking for his Gal


Justin Allen makes every girl wish her name were “Angelina.”

Justin’s latest single is one of those songs that grab you and won’t let go.  You know the story: Sad guy is  looking for his girl, “Angelina” who went to California.

Justin Allen

But after seeing the video of him pining away and playing that fine guitar, it’s a sure bet there are plenty of young ladies claiming to be his missing gal.

Justin Allen and the Well Shots’ new album, White Oak and Kerosene is bound to be a hit crossing all demographics and not just with the ladies. Check out the website.

“Angelina” is an upbeat tune from a guy whose appearance belies his youth. Justin’s got some chops on the guitar and his voice has a trademark country sound.  But more importantly, Justin Allen brings new vigor to a genre that needs young people to come “set a spell.”

Justin Allen hits all the right notes
Justin Allen hits all the right notes

He’s a modern-day cross between John Mellencamp and — dare we say it — Johnny Cash.  Justin’s a singer-songwriter with a world-worn gravelly voice, and one of those bad-boy looks, which certainly won’t hurt his career.



Following The Dream

Following his dream has not always been easy for Justin. He’s been a construction guy, he’s worked on a food truck, he worked at the record store and you might even find him peddling one of those bicycle rickshaws around Nashville.

While looking for 'Angelina,' Justin found a home
While looking for ‘Angelina,’ Justin found a home

But one thing is for sure.  Justin may be searching for Angelina, but he’s found his career path, and for our sake, he better not veer.  Looks like there will be some great adventures ahead for this Ohio guy-turned-Nashville-musician.

He’s got the support of his record label, BluZealot Entertainment, he’s got a cool band and even though it’s been a tough stretch, he may have finally found his home: On the record players of modern country-folk afficionadoes everywhere.

And by the way, we think Angelina made a BIG mistake.

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