Edward and Graham Drop ‘Menomonee Road,’ A Welcome Relief in a Crowded Genre


The Chicago folk-Americana duo Edward and Graham release the single “Menomonee Road,” and it’s a welcome relief in an increasingly crowded genre.

The song is an upbeat and refreshing leap into Americana, which is becoming more and more common every day. “Menomonee Road” had a unique rock and roll quality about it, pulling it away from the country aspect of the folk-Americana style and making it appealing to a broader range of fans.

Johnny Edward and Evan Graham Dunn say there’s new coming this year, likely in the late spring or summer and that’s something to look forward to.

“These are songs for the person who doesn’t want to admit they like
country and for the country fan that needs something fresh and
exciting,” Edward said.

Edward and Dunn, both on vocals and guitar, had solo careers before coming together.

In 2014, Edward released his solo EP This is Home, which followed his 2012 EP Perfect Sense to Me. Aside from playing with Edward, Dunn is the lead writer, singer, and guitarist for tech-metal band Alaya. Dunn also produces music in his own studio located in Chicago.

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