J-Anthony Brings Life’s Music from the Church to The Masses With ‘It’s Official’


J-Anthony just released a single that is extremely funky and fun. If you know what it’s like to finally find that one person who sweeps you off your feet, then you’ll appreciate “It’s Official,” which J-Anthony has put together.

HIs funky style captivates the imagination and he takes it one step further with excellent musical integrity.  The lead guitar is outstanding and the vocals and overall feel is easy and light.  This is the kind of song that sings itself it’s so well written.

While J-Anthony has a style that’s reminicent of Lenny Kravitz, this musician is definitely a unique guy with an interesting and optimistic view of life. It’s refreshing that we found an artist who knows how to lay it down and isn’t morose.

The band is strong. J-Anthony is on vocals/ and keyboards, Devin Krueger plays lead guitar, Will Schuler is behind the kit, Byron Harris plays bass and keyboards and Travis Geiman at Bigfoot Studios produces.

J-Anthony tries to reach everyone with his music. The harmonies are strong, the lyrics are important and universally understood.

He hails from Cleveland and came up singing in the church. Gifted in athletics, J-Anthony gave it up senior year in college and took up music. He never looked back. He has an investment in education and has worked as a high school principal.

J-Anthony started a cover band and won awards with the band. Now he’s pushing the envelope and bringing the feel-good tunes to the world.  He’s performed in Kenya, Ukraine, Nigeria and Mexico City.

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