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Dave Hollier and King Ropes Blend Organic and Industrial Sounds with New Release, ‘Dirt’


King Ropes has released a new album, but instead of calling the album Dirt, it should have been titled Rare Gem.

That’s because King Ropes produces an interesting new sound from veteran musician Dave Hollier, who’s been influenced by some of the best. Hollier’s vocals are as good or better than any top indie group out there today — he also plays guitar and, interestingly, makes some very cool industrial noise.

The band King Ropes has got some chops as well and the music is melodic and tight, with Konrad Meissner (Katy Perry, Matt Nathanson) on drums, Dylan Treleven (Silver Dollars, Oberhoffer, Widowspeak) on bass and guitars, Ben Roth (Oberhofer, BOD, EZTV) on guitars and Adam Wolcott Smith (Zen Mother, the Growlers) on guitars and keyboards.

There is a lot of quality behind Dirt. Hollier produces, Barry Conle at Outer Space Studios in Venice engineers with Konrad Meissner and mixes with Don Piper and Paul Gold masters at Salt Mastering in Brooklyn, N.Y.

What we like about Hollier’s style is his deep sensitivity to the human condition and King Ropes reflects this. Hollier combines his melodic voice with the gritty sound of machines and interesting organic effects that accent thoughtful tunes.

King Ropes - Photo courtesy King Ropes
King Ropes – Photo courtesy King Ropes for WestCoastRocker.com

He’s a multifaceted person — he paints, he has a family and he truly enjoys looking at the world in abstract terms.  And while it may be rare in the world of music, he is happy.

“I’ve got a record that I’m really psyched about, and a super solid band who get all the influences I’m trying to bring together,” Hollier said.  “I’m excited to get these songs out in the world.  This stuff is so much fun to play, and I want to share it with people.  My life has taken me down a bunch of different paths, and to a lot of different places, but right now I’m feeling lucky to be able to dive deep into playing this music.”

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Hollier started in Montana but calls Brooklyn home and maybe that accounts for his love of contrasting musical landscapes, which he celebrates throughout the album Dirt.

The songs evoke a range of feelings in the listener, ranging from happiness and satisfaction to urging moments of longing. Hollier does an excellent job of capturing the feelings everyone has from time to time, without going overboard on the sappiness.

Side 1
Dogleg Boy    3:37
Lurch on Sister    3:41
Long Lost Boy     2:43
She Says / Come On  4:12
International Shortwave   3:35Side 2
Shovel and a Pickaxe   4:00
Mandolins and Gasoline  4:14
Low Over Cheyenne    3:40
She’s a Runner  3:25
Rocks in Little Crevices    5:14

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