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New Single from The Spiders Takes Issue with Our Issues

In Post-Election Times ‘Election Day’ Holds Significance


The election is over, the outcome would not have pleased either Republicans or Democrats and that is made perfectly clear in The Spiders new release “Election Day.”

But the song goes further than just taking pot shots and the candidates.  “Election Day” outlines the challenges Americans are all facing today.  And those are the worries that will last long after the inauguration.


“Student loans and minimum wage

I’ll work at Starbucks til I’m 48

The future’s dim and we’re all depressed

You wonder why we’re all on meds

We work our asses off every day

The taxman comes and he takes it away

Pay all your bills just to stay afloat

Where would I be without Rock N Roll?

And that’s probably the best lesson we can take away from “Election Day,” not that the band featuring lead guitarist Nick DeStefano, drummer Nestor Arcelay and bassist John Henderson are teaching us anything we don’t already know.

But it’s fun to hear the catchy lyrics and the music is valuable, especially at a time when things will either change for the better or for the drastically different.

the-spiders-1The single goes beyond merely asking people to vote.  On that level it may not have performed up to expectations in that many of the disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters didn’t.  That’s not the fault of The Spiders.

But the candidates may not have been the choice of the people, as the band clearly points out.

And perhaps if the U.S. wants the young people to be involved, the country needs to make a bigger effort to get them out by finding inspiring candidates.

DeStefano has performed around the U.S., including the Stone Pony in New Jersey to The

Troubadour in Los Angeles.

He’s been inspired by an impressive array of collaborators and musicians including Donnie Kisselback of Alice Cooper and James Lewis of Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

We love “Election Day;” it’s smart, upbeat and puts the issues out there for all to understand.

Now if the rest of the world to do the same we’ll be in good shape.

“Election Day” is a fun piece from a hard-working band. Check out The Spiders.

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