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Countless Thousands Tells Us What We Want to Hear on New Album, ‘You’re Goddamn Right’

Countless Thousands release new album - Photo courtesy of Countless Thousands
Countless Thousands release new album – Photo courtesy of Countless Thousands


Los Angeles-based band Countless Thousands has released a new album called You’re Goddamn Right, and it confirms that today’s musicians can find success.

They held a Kickstarter campaign to fund the record, which is a full-sounding collection of life’s daily experiences as seen through the eyes of a group of talented LA guys.

A lead single from the band is “Webster’s Dictionary Defines Marriage As,” and the song answers a lot of questions. Mainly, why people delay marriage as long as possible!

The band Countless Thousands is worth more than a passing listen as the music appeals to broad range of potential fans, in particular those who like the insanity of punk but with PG-rated lyrics.

Countless Thousands: A band with a big sound and cool lyrics - Photo courtesy Countless Thousands
Countless Thousands: A band with a big sound and cool lyrics – Photo courtesy Countless Thousands

Bandmembers Danger Van Gorder on voice and guitar, Davey Munch on bass, Light Return on guitar and voice and Jonathan David on drums are names to remember as You’re Goddamn Right is an impressive collection. The album is produced by Danger and Jonny and engineered and mixed by Jonny.

Twinged with sarcasm and reality, Countless Thousands puts out its theory on family, life on the streets of LA and even getting married, as per “Webster’s Dictionary Defines Marriage As” —

“I got no illusions.
I choose you for the person you are and will be.
I treasure every time you that you chose me
Even if you choose the most expensive ring

So you can go ahead and roll your eyes and try to hide that smile.
I’ll smile back and cross my arms like this
Your kiss is worth the wait
And I’ll wait a while.”

Regardless how you feel about the institution of marriage, your sister, or Lady Gaga, Countless Thousands puts out a great album with You’re Goddamn Right. Our favorites on You’re Goddamn Right include “the Chemical Exchange” and “the Asskicker’s Union.”

countless-thousands-1Countless Thousands held a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund You’re Goddamn Right. The band takes shots at everyone from Lady Gaga to family members and it’s an enjoyable collection that appeals to those who have a youthful outlook on life.

The music shows an intent on getting to where they want to be, even included in “the Asskicker’s Union,”

“I’m coming over as soon as this cop leaves, I’m coming home.”  But at the same time, they say, “Life’s been ‘extra-neat’ since you’ve been going out with me.”  Who says “neat?”

That’s why initially we thought the band might be a new, possibly religious-oriented group, considering the “Marriage” tune and the “neat” stuff, but then after a few listens and seeing the name of the album we concluded otherwise. In fact, there are several concepts the band puts out that fly in the face of organized religion.

You’re Goddamn Right is a fun listen for those who don’t take life so seriously and appreciate a full band sound.

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