Max Fite’s ‘Shake It On Down’ Hits All The Right Notes

Max Fite Blends Rock and Blues for a Unique Sound

Max Fite
Max Fite’s ‘Shake It On Down’ reflects life’s experience – Photo courtesy of Max Fite


Shake It On Down is the latest release from Max Fite and it hits all the right notes.

Shake It On Down pulls together rock n roll, folk and blues for a unique sound.

Complete with the great vocals from frontman Max Fitelson, it’s a winning sound that has broad appeal.

Check out Shake It On Down on iTunes and Max Fite at Bandcamp:

It takes a little time to really hear Shake It On Down. This is not a flash in the pan-quick hit sound.

The record grows on you, and each song on the EP is its own unique message. Max Fite blends several genres.  Fitelson’s collections are like a road map to life — at least it appears to reflect the successes and failures we each find in life.

shake-it-on-down-albumThe first song on the album, “Devil In Me,” is really reminiscent of a 1970s-style tune and it becomes clear that Shake It On Down is a well-planned and full-sounding release. There are stories to tell here.

Fitelson is like a talented “audio chameleon,” as his voice takes on a different personality and style  with each song. On “Devil In Me” he sounds a bit like Steve Winwood; on “Court Jester,” he sounds like the late Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd; and on the dynamic “Yes Man” he brings to mind Men At Work frontman Colin Hay.

Jaron Luksa is the producer who worked with Max Fite to create the crisp sound and it’s clear the process was creative.

Fitelson is on guitars and lead vocals; Jamie Cunningham is on guitars and backup vocals; Carl Raether plays bass and contributes backup vocals and Macy Lucarelli is the drummer. Luksa produced the record and it was mixed and mastered at The Rattle Room Studios in Burbank.

Shake It On Down

Devil In Me
Court Jester
My Own Fantasy
Yes Man
Time To Heal

Check out the video for “Devil In Me”

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