Jared Kay

Jared Kay and Everlost US Release ‘Live And Let Go’ – A Must-Have for Anyone Who Wants to Be Better

By DOTTIE PARIS – Jared Kay captures the real struggles of adolescent angst in his new EP Live and Let Go.  Will we survive heartbreak and breakups?  Kay says yes. His inspiring work will help you get back on your feet and it might just save your friendships.

Adult listeners could catch the fever as well, as Jared relays the world-weary concerns and then gives motivational words and inspires us to look ahead. Thanks, we needed that!  Listen to Live and Let Go on Soundcloud.

It’s remarkable that Live and Let Go was created by this one solo renaissance artist — Jared — whose voice is stong and his desire to motivate and inspire are his apparent purpose — and that really hits home.

Not only that, Live and Let Go could replace anti-depressants in a time of heartbreak and has motivated us to return the self help books. We only wish this EP had been released a little sooner for our own personal reasons.

Jared’s work is the stuff of female fan dreams — he’s like a combination of Set If Off and The Alarm in style — his lyrics are deep and sometimes sad, but are offset by upbeat tunes.  There are one or two mentions of his mom which might be TMI, but it’s all in a day’s heartbreak.

We particularly like the lyrics in “Live and Let Go,” that even we have wanted to say to people:

“Growing up is hard to do but it might have been much easier without you.”

Jared Kay - His music could be the breakup antidote
Jared Kay – His music could be the breakup antidote

Of particular note on this recording are the tracks “Live and Let Go,” and “I’m Doing My Best,” which are remarkably empowering for those who are getting over a lost love or a disappointment. This is one EP to play when you’re down and you won’t be down for long.

Jared created Everlost US after getting experience in multiple bands. He learned the song writing process as well as every instrument needed to literally become a one man band.

His first EP was The Hardest Things To Say, which was released independently in September 2014 and received positive reviews. He’s an Orlando, Fla.-based performer and has focused on growing his fan base there by playing festivals and organizing benefits.  Check out his Facebook page and his Bandcamp



Members/Instruments: Jared Kay – Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums

Production: Will Snyder of Real Feel Recording

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