Budos Band Offers ‘Semi-Apology’ for Trashing Vintage Organ During Performance

By JOHN DALY – Ryan Lochte isn’t the only one offering apologies.

After trashing a vintage organ onstage, the Budos Band offered what many in the social media world consider a “semi-apology” — they said the destruction was an accident.

Many of those present at the event reacted in horror to the destruction, and video was posted with comments below.

Owner of the vintage musical instrument, Justin, has accepted the apology of the band and most likely he won’t lease out a rare piece again.

“Over the weekend during our set, we managed to damage a rather expensive rented vintage organ. We regret that our actions resulted in equipment damage and will ensure this will not happen again.

“We already offered to pay for the damage that was done days ago, and we hope that this incident can be handled in a professional manner. The damage was not done on purpose, and it was an unfortunate side effect of our stage show.

“If you have seen us play live shows, you know we give 110 percent every time we play. The paying fans expect that much from us and we also expect that much from each other. Playing at our level of intensity sometimes produces unwanted results and we regret any damages we may have caused.

“We love our fans and the people behind the scenes that make it all happen. We appreciate all of your support and look forward to seeing you out on the road. Sincerely, The Fuckin Budos”



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