My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me – Vince Grant REVIEW


He’s a nomad. A man without permanence. Always moving to the next thing. After spending the first years of his musical trek traveling between Los Angeles and Chicago and Los Angeles and New York, and constantly touring and gigging for different bands, it got to him.

Drugs and alcohol derailed the artist and he was on hiatus. Depression took over and it just got worse, but he is back now and he turned his illness into his muse. Vince Grant’s My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me is a five-song EP where he let’s us inside his mind and tries to project what dealing with addiction and depression is like.

The album is produced, engineered, and mixed by Doug Grean who was formerly with The Scott Weiland Band. Though Grant’s lyrics are extremely deep and meaningful, his music sounds like nothing more than generic rock. Each song sounds like the other and it really doesn’t feel like he has an original sound. I really understood what he had to say, I just wish the music was better behind it. “Melancholia” was the first single off the EP and it was probably the toughest to listen to. It’s just not an easy album to listen to in general.

Grant also released a music video for the second track off the album, “Oceans II,” that can be found below. Produced by Alex Nasonov, the video was simple, but a good simple. It was just Vince and his guitar with a black and white filter. What’s more rock and roll that a man, his leather jacket, and his guitar? Grant’s expressions in the video really bring his emotions to life; the music video was very well made.

Overall, the EP is one I don’t think I’d listen to again. Though his lyrics are well thought out and they raise awareness to a serious disease that is no joke, I just can’t get over how average the sound is.

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