Kicklighter Brings Upbeat Sound with ‘Paper Planes Vol. 1’


He has created a song called “Howard Jones,” and it’s an appropriate name for the musician Kicklighter, who actually sounds a little like Jones.

The music off Kicklighter’s new album, Paper Planes Vol. 1 is that Howard Jones style: Upbeat, bouncy and full of life. There is a range of tracks and song styles, including favorites “Bittersweet,” “Do It Again” and “They Don’t Write That Kind of Song Anymore.”

Kicklighter releases Paper Planes Vol. 1 – Photo courtesy of Kicklighter


Kicklighter’s Paper Planes Vol. 1 is the music is the style that could be appropriate while sitting in a restaurant eating dinner or listening to in the car on a ride through the mountains. It’s fun. But there’s a lot of thought that goes into these songs. That’s probably because Kicklighter has kicked around the world a few times and brings something most valuable to the music: Life experience.

Artist Name: Kicklighter

Location: Tallahassee FL

Release Name: Paper Planes, vol. 1

Release Date: May 22, 2018

Label: Aardvark UK

Producer: Tim DeLaney

Track List:

1. Too Much, Too Soon

2. Howard Jones

3. A Week of Rain

4. Bittersweet

5. Four-leaf Clover

6. The Dark Side of the Moon

7. Do It Again

8. A Friend of Mine

9. It’s On the Tip of My Tongute

10. They Don’t Write That Kind of Song Anymore

11. It’s Over


Everett Young: Guitar, keyboards, drums, vocals, musical arrangements, mixing, mastering (at Modern Mastering Studio)

Tim DeLaney: Bass

Tom Gibson: Trombone

Alex Rodiek: Trumpet

Steve Leacock: Guitar solos

Lori Grills Taylor: Vocals

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