Chords of Truth Travels The Country with His Message of ‘Wonder’

chords-of-truth-seatedBy JOHN DALY – Chords of Truth has put together a single that’s reminicent of true folk times.

The piece, “Wonder,” written by Chords of Truth (also known as Jason Garriotte), was produced by Jef Joslin and was mastered by Rob Beaton

It’s clear that Chords of Truth is looking for change and that comes through meaningful lyrics and a beautiful melody, all of which the single has.

Chords of Truth is touring the country, bringing the music around. While traveling from city to city performing, writing songs and working on business projects along the way, he ended up in Los Angeles, where he met friend-partner-producer Jef Joslin.

In 2011 Jason started to perform acoustic folk music while touring the United States. Then went on to write, record and release his debut album Reflections of Reality as the artist Chords of Truth on Jan. 2, 2012.  In early 2013 he released the acclaimed Reflections Project, which involved collaboration with 14 producers.

Check out a recent performance here:

But Chords of Truth won’t be boxed into a niche.  He’s also done a variety of music including electronic, hip hop and more. Chords of Truth is now recording his unreleased songs in Redondo Beach with his Joslin.

This musician is fulfilling his dream of bringing righteous music to the populous. He’s a teacher and marketing professional who clearly has the right idea: Pursue your dreams with vigor and purpose. That’s what Chords of Truth is doing.

Photography courtesy of Javan Maegla Joslin

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