Rob Reinfurt and Night Marcher Take The Road Slowly with New Album, ‘Modern Maze’

nightmarcher_digitalcoverv2-1By JOHN DALY – The band Night Marcher, featuring singer-songwriter Rob Reinfurt, is moving ahead despite having travelled some rough roads.

The new album, Modern Maze,  is a reflection of many things, but mostly is an exercise in having faith and getting over regret.

Rob saw his close friend go to jail for 30 months on marijuana trafficking charges. He wasn’t allowed to speak to him and he was fortunate he didn’t have to go also.  Rob spent his time since then writing more reflective songs and many of them are on the album Modern Maze.

The psychedelic rock-style band really connects and if you accept that this collection amasses works that are related to growth, faith and philosophy of life, then you’ll like the music.  Reinfurt does a nice job creating beautiful and insightful works.  He has a nice look and a good voice as well, but he can play bass, keyboards and guitar as well.

Night Marcher assembles a talented group of musicians. Austin Nicholsen plays bass in Leftover Cuties and Brightside, Shaun Thomas is the drummer in The Weekenders, keyboardist Peter Adams has recorded and played with John Oates, Macy Gray and Josh Groban.  Backing vocalists are Aimee Nolte, Val Larsen, Kiki Jane Sieger and Corrine Gentry.  The record was produced by Rob and engineered by David Peters.

The names of the songs can give the idea that the writer has run into a few glitches in his life that have left their impressions on him.

Life is full of twists and turns and sometimes when the impulsiveness of youth takes the wheel, trouble can be the unwanted passenger.

Rob Reinfurt - Photo courtesy Rob Reinfurt
Rob Reinfurt – Photo courtesy Rob Reinfurt

With a mellow and dreamy style, “Scars” is a song that conveys understated emotion while ushering in a new flavor of music.  It seems there are some scars there, mainly from life and the unfortunate experience of being behind bars even for a limited time.

The video for “Scars” is hypnotizing; it’s basically pencil lines of geographic shapes moving in time with the music.  But aside from the video, we wonder what were the life events that led to the song “Scars.”

At least Rob is taking the positive road — in saying that we learn from scars would be pretty accurate. As our teachers always said, “You don’t learn anything from getting an A on the paper.”

Overall the music is perfect to listen to while going for a workout or on background while studying or in a mellow mood.  It’s beautiful — and not exactly rager party material.

Album opener “Saint” is an upbeat tune that gets you going; “Holy Ghost” a beautiful anthem of renewed faith; “Scars” makes us think there were some life incidents that led to this mellow and reflective piece.

The song is remenicent of tunes by The Neighbourhood and there must have been an influence from somewhere in there.

“Screaming Jesus,” tells of the desperation that people need to have a faith and the response that if you’re asking for intervention from above it probably won’t come.  The best things happen when you meet the helper half way.  Sort of like a loan from the bank.  If you need a loan you probably won’t get it, but if you show you have money you’ll be approved.

With Modern Maze, Night Marcher proves there’s smooth riding ahead no matter the obstacles.

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