The Dogs Rock The Redwood, Release ‘Ain’t Going Nowhere’

DOGS-March-2016-1By DONNA BALANCIA – A night at the Redwood Bar and Grill always turns out great.

The food is 5-star, the bands are 5-star, the staff is amazing and attentive and if the music and entertainment are up to par, you’ll have the night of your life.

“This place is the best,” said patron Vince, who recently attended a show that included Cheap Tissue, The Dogs and Dr. Boogie.

“I’m a big fan of this place and I’m coming back,” he said.

On a recent night, the punk crowd turned out in force as The Dogs put on an excellent show, mixing classic hits like “Slash Your Face,” with some of the newer tunes.

The Dogs just released a 7-inch vinyl EP with songs “Ain’t Going Nowhere,” “Not Working For The CIA,””Call My Name,” and “Let’s Go Baby.”

For more on The DoGs go to


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